To facilitate the networking of students participating in student-run pro bono clinics that are delivering rehabilitation healthcare services to the uninsured and underinsured of our communities.

The Network

The Pro Bono Network consists of 109 Institutions with Regional and Virtual Conferences, across the United States.

In the Spring of 2024, we had 153 attendees representing 39 different programs at the Pro Bono Network conference held at Widener University!

The National Honor Society currently includes 41 member institutions representing over 300 students!  The National Honor Society was created in 2014 as a result of the need to recognize outstanding students who provide pro bono services as part of their education.

The Team

Conference Chairs

Class of 2026


Jane Won (Left), Cole Cerchiaro (Middle), and Mackenzie Titus (Right) are the National Conference Chairs for the Class of 2026. You can reach them at:

Cole Cerchiaro (PT): [email protected]

Mackenzie Titus (SLP): [email protected]

Jane Won (OT): [email protected]

Pro Bono Network Expansion Liaisons

Class of 2025

2025-Network Expansion

Emily Mickle (Left) and Jared Selby (Right) are the Pro Bono Network Expansion Liaisons for the Class of 2025. You can reach them at:

Jared Selby (PT): [email protected]

Emily Mickle (SLP): [email protected]