To improve the provision of student-run pro bono health services to those in need.


An organization to facilitate collaboration between faculty members of regional pro bono health centers to provide consultation in order to improve services, problem solve issues regarding services, and identify available resources in the specific regions.


  1. Provide opportunities for faculty from pro bono centers to meet twice a year. (ELC and Pro Bono Network Regional Conferences)
  2. Share and discuss various DPT program’s student-run, pro bono clinic educational models and student-run pro bono health services.
  3. Establish a faculty network for scholarly support and mentorship in student-run clinic investigation and study.
  4. Develop connections between faculty and students with similar leadership responsibilities in order to share ideas and improve processes, policies, and outcomes that arise in the provision of pro bono services for faculty advisors, coordinators and supervisors.
  5. Identify available resources in each of the pro bono sites; facilitating regional development and possible regional centers enabling a mechanism to share resources and referrals to meet clients’ needs.



Date: TBD

Location: TBD


Consortium Coordinator

Sue Paparella-Pitzel, PT, DPT, MS

Contact Sue for more information at [email protected]

Rutgers School of Health Professions in Newark. 11/7/16 Photo by John O’Boyle