To improve the provision of student-run pro bono health services to those in need.


An organization to facilitate collaboration between student members of regional pro bono health centers to provide consultation on ways to improve services, problem solve issues regarding services, and identify available resources in the region.


  1. Provide opportunities for student leaders from regional pro bono centers to meet twice a year.
  2. Develop connections between students with similar leadership responsibilities to share ideas, processes, policies, and outcomes.
  3. Brainstorm ideas to identify and solve issues that arise in the provision of pro bono services.
  4. Identify available resources/services available in each of the pro bono centers.
  5. Develop mechanism to share resources including the referral of appropriate clients between centers to best meet the client’s needs.
  6. Develop mechanisms for students not in leadership to engage in and contribute to the consortium.

Philadelphia Regional Pro Bono Network Consortium

Coordinated by Temple University


Rachel Abill

Contact Rachel for more information at rachel.abill@temple.edu

Mountain West Regional Pro Bono Network Consortium

Coordinated by the University of Utah


Abigail Neal

Contact Abigail for more information at Abigail.neal@utah.edu 

Southeast Regional Pro Bono Network Consortium

Coordinated by the University of Florida


Rachael Vaccaro

Contact Rachael for more information at rachael.vaccaro@ufl.edu